Buyer’s Guide

From the beginning of time, man has been obsessed with comfort, relaxation, and peace.  What better way to achieve that than to have your own reclining chair. The reclining chair has been perhaps one of the best gifts you can give. Historically, women have been thought of as the one gifting recliners to their husbands, or the significant man in their life. However, these days, women have begun to appreciate the comfort and relaxation a reclining chair can offer.

The reclining chair has made its debut, not only in many homes across America, but in homes in other countries as well. From bedrooms, to living rooms, massage parlors, barber shops, nail and hair salons, dentist and doctor offices, and even in play rooms, the recliner has become a staple for businesses as well as a necessity in our homes. Yes, mini reclining chairs have even made their way into the kid’s rooms! What was once considered something of a novelty for adults, has always been admired by kids of all ages. Children would wait with baited breath for the opportunity to jump into the chair after dad, grandpa, or an uncle left it’s comforts; if only for a moment.  Nowadays, some of the most sought after sofas have gained in popularity because of the addition of reclining capabilities.

Reclining chairs range in a number of sizes, from small to extra large. The larger the chair, the more sturdy it will be and the more weight it will hold. Smaller reclining chairs are generally made so that a smaller person’s feet can actually sit on the floor. Medium sized chairs will usually be comfortable enough for average sized people. One of the benefits to the reclining chair is that there is no separate ottoman. The chair is all inclusive and built for comfort.

There are so many different kinds of reclining chairs, where does one start to look, and what does one consider in deciding what kind of recliner to purchase?  Some points to consider are the following:  Who will be using the recliner the most? Is the chair intended for a specific person? Does the recipient of the chair have back problems or knee problems? What is the size of the person or persons who will predominantly? This is important, because the size and durability of the recliner will determine how safe the chair will most likely be.

Another point to consider when shopping for a recliner is where your recliner will be located. You may want to measure the area where you wish place your reclining chair. If your chair is too closed in then you wont be able to benefit from a fully extended recline. If the recliner is placed too close in proximity to the wall, the chair will repeatedly brush against the wall when opened up; causing the paint from the wall to discolor the chair, or the chair to discolor the wall. Either way it is a lose lose situation.

Another factor to be considered is style and color.  Maybe there is a color scheme or certain style you would like to stick to. The reclining chair is no longer your big brown wide man’s chair it was once believed to be. The styles and colors vary from feminine colors like light pastels, to more traditionally masculine colors of deep brown and black. Reclining chair styles vary from button tufted Victorian, to oversized leather models, to sleek and contemporary ones. Whatever you desire in a reclining chair, it is available.

Lastly, think about how you wish to have your chair to operate. Will it operate by handle or a button? Will it be a push back or open up by a lever? Will it swivel, glide, or rock? Will it be a massage chair? Or Lift up? Will it have a built in phone or offer other amenities you may be interested in? Of course that seems like a lot to think about. But nowadays, all those options and more are available when considering the purchase of a recliner.

Other things to consider when purchasing your recliner  is the fact  that some are designed to adjust to people with bad knees; while some are not, due to the fact that the person has to manually lift the ottoman before he or she is able to comfortably sit and recline. Pregnant women have benefited from the reclining chair because when lying in it, it takes the weight off of the mothers belly and aligns the weight in her center of gravity; making it much more comfortable for her. Not only do these chairs provide comfort but they also relieve back pain. That’s because recliners allow gravity to be evenly distributed across the body, while lifting the body from the ground. Doctors have actually promoted the use of reclining chairs to decrease stress. They recommend lying on the back in a recliner chair for one hour a day as opposed to lying in a bed.

Style, fabric, functionality, and manufacture will have some bearing on the cost of your recliner. So again, make certain to look for what you need or want before you make a purchase. Prices can range from $200.00 to well over $3000.00. So shop wisely, enjoy, and then relax.


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